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Star Analyser 200

Star Analyser 200

SKU: SA200-F

* High quality transmission diffraction grating mounted in a custom low profile 1.25 inch filter cell

* Low profile (5.2mm above the thread) filter suitable for use in close coupled filter wheels
* Anti- reflection coated glass protects the grating surface
* High efficiency 200 lines/mm blazed design
* Spectrum direction marked on the filter cell
* Optimised for the larger aperture longer focal length telescope with larger camera sensors
* Star and spectrum can be recorded in the same image, which aids identification and calibration
*Can be used with  filter wheels designed for unmounted filters using the optional mounting kit


For most users the SA100 is expected to continue to be the model of choice, particularly for those using cameras with small sensors, giving optimum performance for example with the SA100 mounted on the camera nosepiece.


To find which model will work best in your system please visit the calculator



A downloadable user manual is available on our resources page.

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